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advanced training for coaches

Training modules:

Muscle overload syndromes

- How to explain delayed muscle soreness after training? What is and is not effective in preventing and dealing with muscle pain? What is rhabdomyolysis?

Overload syndromes in the tendons, or tendinopathies

- How to recognize that the cause of exercise-related pain is a tendon? What exercises should be avoided in case of tendinopathies? Why doesn't the tendon recover with extended rest? How can training variables be adjusted and progressed to support tendon healing?

Overload syndromes in bones, including stress fractures
-What are the known risk factors for stress fractures? The role of relative energy deficit in bone overload syndromes. What does exercise progression look like when recovering from stress fractures?

Adaptation of training plans and client counseling in case of overuse syndromes

- How to find the optimal training frequency, volume, intensity and suitable exercises while monitoring the symptoms accompanying the client's overload? How to explain the nature of overload syndromes to the client and set realistic expectations for improvement? Where to direct the client if necessary?

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