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Swedbank AS

As part of our spring health campaign, we invited Siim to talk about whether and how it is possible to become addicted to exercise, since we have a large number of employees, i.e. a cross-section of society, and there can also be extremes when it comes to exercise. Siim pointed out many different scientific studies and examples, but at the same time he was able to explain them clearly to the so-called ordinary person in an engaging and human language. After our mini-lecture, everyone who attended the lecture should understand the behavioral mechanisms that can cause excessive exercise and be more aware of their own danger signs.

AS Meditsinigrupp

The structure of the training was pleasantly free, and our entire team found the training to be very comprehensive, interesting and inspiring. Trainer Siim was very balanced and sincere and motivated him to make better and more informed choices in his health behavior in the future. Thank you very much!

Estonian Football Association

The Estonian Football Association thanks you for a very nice lecture. The topic was extremely exciting and presented by the trainer in a very interesting and understandable way. We gained new knowledge about nutrition and the functioning of the body due to it. It also turned out that small changes in daily activities lead to big changes in health, and different strict diets can have a negative result.

Saku Municipal Government

Thank you!

The training went well. The content was understandable and conveyed very nicely by the trainer. More than twenty colleagues were present and I believe that so many knowledge gained a new approach and understanding.

It is important to know all this in the future and put it into practice!

Thanks again!

Stay Larsen OÜ

What a great lecture by Corpus Coaching about how nutrition affects our body composition! PS! Burger is good! Bean bags and swinging chairs to sit in, while enjoying good educational talk. Feeling comfortable and getting smarter - it's a good deal!

Estonian Weightlifting Association

The training was interesting! We gained new knowledge and tried everything in practice! We learned a lot of new exercises and also reminded how to perform already familiar exercises correctly.

Team Ali Nations

I participated in Siimu's training a few years ago myself, and now I also invited him to speak to my training team about changing body composition, because I was very satisfied with the content of the seminar. Simply and comprehensibly explained nutritional principles and very practical advice on how to design your dining table for different purposes. There is just enough information to dig deeper and think along. In my opinion, a very necessary training for every person to understand the basics of nutrition and the principles of designing a meal table.

EleFitness OÜ

As a trainer myself, I am aware of nutrition, but Siim can give such vital and simple examples during the training that it reaches the ordinary person very easily and clearly and is remembered. Everyone will definitely learn something new from the trainings. Very useful and in my opinion it should be taught from the ground up in school.

Kuusalu Village Youth Council

"We gained a lot of knowledge about nutrition, and the training was very useful. A lot of new and interesting information. Siim spoke very engagingly and the attention was never distracted. The knowledge gained will definitely come in handy. It was obvious that Siim knows what he is talking about. We believe that in this way something new and useful was taken from the training into everyday life"

Tallinn CrossFit

The Tallinn CrossFit team, both trainers and clients, were very satisfied with the training. The given topic was of interest to many and people actively thought along, and thanks to Siimu's excellent pedagogical abilities and knowledge, all questions were answered. The content of the training was easy to follow and had a logical structure, the presentation was very smooth and easy to listen to.

Nutrition and related myths and reality, changes in body composition in relation to daily habits, its awareness and control are some key words of the topics that were discussed. Since the group that participated in the training are active trainers and coaches, they were a little more familiar with the topic, the given two hours were enough. It was obvious that Siim could have talked about it for hours, given practical tips, recommendations and discussed even more complex issues, because he is an expert in his field and cares about people's health.

Our team thanks Corpus Coaching and will definitely be interested in further trainings and seminars you do.

Stokker AS

Siim spoke simply and logically. Even if some of the slides were initially difficult, the accompanying examples were simple and understandable. People also know the nuances of this topic, but it's always good to go over them from time to time and remind them. Life has shown that there is always something new to take away from every training and lecture.

Rakvere JK Tarva

In yesterday's training, we had the opportunity to chat with the boys a little longer about the training you did, and the boys were very satisfied!
I believe that we all gained a lot of new knowledge and tips to follow more in the future and what to pay attention to in various training processes.

Estonian Defense Forces

It was a very informative and eye-opening lecture. I myself have attended several lectures covering similar topics, but compared to them, Friday's was presented in a way that was easy to understand for a "normal person", and all kinds of examples worked very well, which helped to make sometimes not very everyday vocabulary comprehensible. I believe that it all hit the right spot for our audience, because you might think that we are all in good physical shape, but I have noticed and understood that it is precisely the nutrition side that has sometimes been left in the background and more emphasis is placed on raw training, which it's not always the most reasonable structure either. So thanks again!

Sports care OÜ

Spordihooldos Oü organized a training session for its partners on nutritional supplements. We really liked that our trainer Siim Kelner shared awareness with us about the content of the science book. Secondly, it is very interesting if someone has gone through a journey as an athlete himself and can use this example to share food for thought or concrete recommendations. In any case, we had a very interesting hearing and got our answers to many questions. Thank you!

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