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Thank you for the well organized training! In terms of organization, the training went very well, the information and materials sent were clear. The content of the training was well structured. The topics were logically arranged, the information was given in a clear way, and I liked that examples from real life were also given. The length of the training could easily have been 2 hours (per session), because Siimu has knowledge to share at length. I felt that I particularly benefited from the topic of the last day of the lecture - online coaching and dealing with clients, managing their progress. Perhaps we could have talked about it a little longer.

The structure of the course was very clear and understandable, and the topics were also very interesting.

A very well structured course. Very thorough basic knowledge imparted for online instruction in a short time.

Very interesting and time efficient and educational.

The training was very thorough. I liked the way Siim explained everything, he gave many examples and it was really exciting to listen to him. This training filled so many gaps and definitely made me a better coach. When I signed up for the training, I did not expect such a good thing, the training exceeded my expectations. Thank you!

Very useful training, would recommend to others!

Thank you very much for the well put together training. Repetition is the mother of wisdom & this training hit the spot. Gave answers to some questions in my head and gave me confidence.

The course was exactly as advertised - all topics were thoroughly covered, the trainer also brought out practical examples from his practice. The structure was simple and logical. Siim is definitely a very good specialist in his field and has a good command of the subject. A very big plus was the possibility of follow-up.

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